Bad Vegan on Netflix Review

Just Watched Bad Vegan on Netflix, and I feel swindled out of my time. It is similar to Tinder Swindle, but I feel netflix used a pretty blond vegan white girl to trick us to feel sorry for her.


Sarma Melngailis

NEW YORK – JULY 18: Author Sarma Melngailis attends the launch of her new book “Raw Food Real World” at Pure Food and Wine July 18, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

ripped off millions from a bunch of people, blaming her crazy boyfriend.

I call it #AmericanGreed 101!

Sarma Melngailis is a smart

s an American chef and businesswoman who was the owner and co-founder of Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck, serving the rich and celebrities both vegan raw food restaurants in New York City.[2][3] Both businesses closed in 2015 after staff walked out over unpaid wages. Melngailis was arrested for fraud in 2016 and convicted in 2017.

She only got 3 months in jail and boy friend/ husband only a year.
I felt like this was not a real documentary, but a reality show!
She was branding her business in the whole show so you will feel sorry for her and go buy her products.
Anyway! 👎
#NETFLIX if she was fat, ugly or an immigrant you would have never made this show.
Netflix notably also compensated socialite scammer Anna Delvey for the use of her story in the fictionalized limited series Inventing Anna. That money was also used to pay back the debt Delvey had incurred.
I give #BadVegan a Thumbs Down. The Bad Vegan was to long even at 4 episodes , it could have been done it 1 or 2 at the most.

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