The Fastest Way to Expand Your Painting Business is to get into Apartment Painting.


Apartment painting is an excellent niche for painters because it offers continuous long-term work. Being a property’s go-to painter when tenants move out might provide you with regular money for years. Alternatively, go for exterior apartment painting jobs, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The tactics outlined in the following advice will assist you in obtaining apartment painting contracts.


Let’s begin!


Cold Email Property Managers For Apartment Painting 

Cold emailing is one of the most challenging digital marketing methods to master.


Some contractors send out cookie-cutter cold emails without understanding how to craft genuinely read emails. This is why most contractors fail to land new clients through cold emailing.


However, using the appropriate strategy may increase sales and get new apartment painting leads.


Here are some pointers on how to land apartment painting jobs:


Make Sure You Have A Professional Email Address For Apartment Painting

You’re less likely to be considered seriously if you send a cold email from your usual Gmail or other free email addresses. 

Have A Strong Online Presence

When someone receives a cold email, they will likely research the sender to confirm it is from a trustworthy company. Make sure your website is up to date and displays your services.

Begin With A One-Of-A-Kind First Line

Your cold email’s first line should be tailored to the individual you’re sending it to. A tailored first line could include congratulating them on a recent award, a recent testimonial, a comment about a recent interview, and so on.

Keep The Apartment Painting Email To A Minimum

In your first email, don’t include all of your credentials and services. Instead, keep it brief and sweet to urge the prospect to read it through. You can tell them more about yourself if they react.


Attend Conferences on Apartment Painting

Conferences are an excellent method to get the word out about your painting services. Attending real estate and apartment conferences allows landlords, property managers, and other significant participants in the property rental business to network. Contractors and other vendors gather to meet future clients and form new friendships.


Look online to discover if there are any apartment conventions in your region.


Make a reservation and bring plenty of brochures and business cards. The flyers might include examples of your painting work, testimonials, and information about your services to potential clients.


Prepare to address all inquiries that potential clients may have about your company. If you get their business card, send them a professional email a few days later to follow up.


Consult The Property Manager And The Maintenance Supervisor

A regional manager handles many properties in the apartment company’s portfolio and is frequently in charge of more important jobs. The property manager or maintenance supervisor is often hiring for small to medium-sized projects. While regional managers are more difficult to reach, property managers and maintenance supervisors are always on-site, so you can drive over and ask to talk with them.


Inquire whether they are satisfied with their existing painter or if they would like to learn how you may assist them in achieving better outcomes.


They may want pricing information from you. You should be able to provide them with a general price range to demonstrate your knowledge. However, they may lose faith in you if you can’t even offer them a broad concept. Of course, you might tell them that you need to inspect the apartment units to provide an accurate price.


Always walk through a few apartment units with the maintenance supervisor to give them an exact price, so you understand the variations between the apartments and don’t receive any surprises later.


You can ask the property manager or maintenance supervisor to introduce you to their regional manager or whoever is in charge of CapEx projects after you’ve landed a few tasks with them.


Join Facebook Communities For Apartment Painting, Managers And Property Managers

The secret to success in Facebook groups is to be an active participant who regularly comments on other members’ postings. Before pitching your services to anyone, you want to establish yourself as a helpful and considerate member. Always be kind and avoid being overly salesy.


Ask if you can send them a private message if you see someone looking for painter recommendations. Then, try to set up a call with them to establish a rapport and discover more about their needs.


Last Thoughts

Apartment painting offers a plethora of possibilities. Apartment painting prices are projected to continue growing due to all the new apartment buildings. Managing a million dollars worth of apartment painting contracts requires significantly less effort than working a million dollars worth of home painting assignments.


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